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Our History

Renay Toronto is driven with a passion for design, interiors, architecture and fine art. These influences developed Renay's ability to create a lifestyle of casual elegance for her clientele. Above all, she provides the opportunity for self expression and satisfaction. Incorporating a mixture of different styles and eras while staying true to the architectural elements of the space give her projects a timeless appeal. With more than two decades of experience, Renay continues to thrive on growth and new design ideas which is essential for success.​

Toronto Interiors provides custom interior design services for residential and commercial projects encompassing a broad range of styles. The design and direction for each individual project is expressed in accordance with the client’s personality and aspirations. Renay Toronto and her team specialize in providing interior designs, architecture, interior specifications, construction phase support and quality assurance. Toronto Interiors has built a reputation for being personable, classic and talented yet approachable. These aspects have allowed Renay and her team to design not only in Arizona, but also in Chicago, New York, Jackson Hole, Rancho Santa Fe, Boca Raton and more.

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